2015 Bash logoDATE: November 2015

Dear Maryland Hospitality Professional,

On behalf of the NAF Holiday Bash Committee, we are excited to announce the details of the 2015 Hospitality Industry Holiday Bash:

Date: Monday, December 7, 2015 from 5:30— 8:30 PM
Where: Baltimore Hilton Hotel, 401 West Pratt Street
Theme: Rockin' Holiday Color Scheme: Silver, Gold, and Blue

Baltimore's Top Restaurants, Hotels and Caterers participate in this event. Please Secure Your Table To Showcase your company to the Hospitality Elite. We expect 400 guests to attend. If you are interested in providing samples, please complete the section below.

As always, we will have a decorating contest, so show us what you can do with the color scheme, Blue, Gold and Silver. Be sure to draw on the power of all things 50's "Rock 'n Roll" for inspiration. You are welcome to reach out and partner with your favorite event designer to assist you.

This is the Baltimore hospitality industry's biggest and most fun networking event. All proceeds from the Holiday Bash benefit Baltimore's National Academy School of Baltimore; the funds raised are done so through Baltimore Academies, Inc., a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. NAF prepares a growing student population of over 800 in grades 6-12 for careers in hospitality and tourism, finance, information technology, engineering and law through work-based learning, professional experiences, and partnerships with local business and industry professionals.

Keep in touch, real-time, like us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/Holiday-Bash-Baltimore-240434612773085/

We provide:
- One covered 6 ft. x 30" table (if you need 2 spots, we can accommodate, but need to know here)
- Sign with your Company Name
- Trash cans & liners
- Acknowledgement in Program
- Website & CITYPEEK blog
- Napkins, plates & forks, cups, or bowls & spoons and wine glasses
- Electricity (if needed)

You Provide:
- Sample portions for 400
- 2 Staff for your station
- Sterno (NO butane/propane)
- Themed Décor, serving utensils, pans
- Any marketing materials to handout
- Sample cups (if beverage)
Please fill out & email back your confirmation as soon as possible with the Food & Beverage Donation FORM to patti(at)citypeek.com.

Thank you for your generosity and participation.

Sincerely yours,

Sherri Griffis
Co-Chair Food & Beverage Committee
Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel
Patti Neumann
Co-Chair Food & Beverage Committee